Morphing Matter Lab

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Industrial Design
Physical Prototyping


All projects done through lab collaboration

Lining Yao

Spring 2018
— Present

Morphing Matter Lab Research

Morphing Matter lab develops materials, tools, and applications of adaptive, dynamic and intelligent morphing matter from nano to macro scales.

In the last year, I have had the pleasure of taking part in the Morphing Matter Lab, engaging in projects and turning what could be a fictional future into the present day through a blend of design and engineering.



Geodesy — Transforming Surfaces and Forms through 3D Printing

4D Printing brings the promise of transformative (in design and in production) 3D
| CHI 2019

— Focused on extending the capabilities of FDM-based 4D printing, this project focuses on the morphing of continuous double-curvature surfaces or surface textures. Flatly printed 3D prints transform and can be manipulated from specific print patterns into complex shapes and textures.

Paper is available upon request.



Paper Actuator — Giving Paper Life

The paper actuator project developed in our lab can be easily embedded into everyday objects to enable new types of paper-based shape-changing interfaces that exhibit motion, transformation, and rich interactions such as pop-up books, toys, origami robots, and lampshades.

— It aims to transform and expend what we know of paper today by merging it with the behaviors of thermo-plastics; bringing new life to an old material.

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