Form and Interaction Studies


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Fall 2017 — Ongoing

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Form and Interaction Studies

Not quite a full project in and of itself, this page is dedicated to form explorations and studies. When it comes to the development of products that exist in the third dimension, the exploration of how form itself conveys meaning and communicates behavior is an endeavor I hope to continue forward throughout my life. 

This page is dedicated to what I hope is my start to understanding form. 



Form for the Human Hand; Salad Tossers

These salad tongs are an exploration of flow forms,  and how the form can speak to usage. Each salad tong has a curvature specifically designed for their respective hands. Together, the tongs mirror one another and engage a sense of movement and stability.


Form for relevant objects; Table for a Book

Table for a book is an exercise of designing for other objects instead of people's use. This is a 4 piece desk table made of poplar, designed to showcase one book and various desktop knickknacks. 

The design truly started to focus on creating something that felt architectural and fluid- that spoke to the forms around it, and the need of having things on your desk feel neat and at home all at once.


Artificially Natural Forms; Sanded Antlers

This exercise deals with how the we shape natural materials to represent and be artificial or 'perfect' as a shape. The deer antler is a completely organic and natural material, existing as a result to its original deer and its context. Not only this, but we investigated how we might decorate and represent a story so the object is cared in a different way.


Form for Clarity; Electric Transparency

A simple exercise on circuity, housing, and interaction. Can these three fit well together? What if the way things worked were as visible as this?
The light is turned on by a simple reed switch and magnet. As you rotate the shape, you tilt the magnet up and down- and the light turns on. 

t's more fun when you shake it though, then it's just a party.