Creative Computing

Creative Computing

Creative Coding is something I’m getting into these days. The mini-projects below are examples of ways I’m both learning programming as a tool, and playing with how I can use programming for creative practice. It’s fun stuff!

All examples here are done using javascript library p5.js.



Patterns with Moiré

A current work-in-progress sound visualizer, using rings to establish fun moiré patterns. This project is interactive to the mouse, making compositions and color patterns that are variable to where your mouse is.



Generative Expressions

This project generates expressions of the same character. When you click, a new word and expression appears on her face.



Time Visualization

Time is slow, and ambient, when you want it to be. Over time, these rings breathe in and out, growing as the day progresses by hour and minute. This clock doesn’t really care if you need to be somewhere, so it’s not that exact.