Fruit & Packaging

photography, color, print, packaging, patterns

fall 2016

Color and pattern was used to experiment with the experience of a "gifted snack." Bold use of colors associated to snack foods (clementines and berries, respectively) transitioned between 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional space from pattern to packaging, and back to a set of photographic images.

collaboration with Faith Kim (responsible for the clementines)


Part 1: The Pattern

I created a pattern focused on the experience of eating berries. Sight, movement, taste, texture, repetition were the main principles I sought to illustrate. 

Part 2: The Package

The package creations branched the connection between the physical snacks and the visual illustrations of our patterns. Each package was designed to hold a serving size of clementines and berries, respectively. 

Part 3: The Book

Finally, I created a folio of photographic images exploring the pattern and senses related to opening, eating, and enjoying each fruit.