Encompass EDU

ux, ui, digital platforms, communication design

Encompass EDU is a prototype platform to aid veterans in preparation for higher education decisions.  The prototype was created for client Tanya Ang, Director of Veterans' Programs at the American Council on Education, in order to facilitate developing a full version of the site.  

This was a collective effort between Marisa Lu, Maayan Albert, and I over Winter Break of 2016-2017.



Through the post-9/11 GI Bill, the US Department of Veteran's Affairs helps fund military veterans' higher eductions. Unfortunately, veterans in this situation are often uninformed about the options and potential pitfalls that lie ahead of them. Consequently, they risk going to non-trustworthy institutions or beginning school without thinking about what subject they want to pursue. This wastes government resources and causes the veterans to use up their GI Bill benefits.



Our goal was to create a site that would lead users through the process of obtaining higher education, providing pointers and resources along the way. We found with Tanya that a multitude of resources and information already existed, but was difficult to find or understand. We wanted to communicate the information and resources in our prototype.


Styleguide 1.png


One of the biggest challenges of this project was communicating the immense quantity of information. We wanted to both define a tone for the site as well simplify the information in an accessible way.